Happy Holidays!

You may have noticed the lack of an actual Goblins update on the 27th. This is because I have been whisked away to Danielle’s parents’ house for the holidays. So here’s the next page in the slow-running series “The Search For Fate”.

Also, here’s the previous page.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great New Year!


World of Steam Has Launched

My friend Matt Yang King has been working on a new web series called World of Steam, which has launched today!

Check out the first episode on Youtube.

Download the episode for $3.

Visit the WoS website.

But Thunt, who the heck is Matt Yang King? I’ve never seen him in anything.

Yes you have. You’ve seen him in Friends, Frasier, Numbers, CSI and you’ve heard his voice in the G.I.Joe cartoon, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft and my personal favourite, narrating this little gem…

Honestly, Matt’s past voice-work has nothing to do with WoS. I just wanted an excuse to post that commercial.

So check out World of Steam!


Three Years Later, We’ve Arrived

It’s hard to put into words how excited and happy I am to have reached this point in Goblins. It’s taken us three years, but as of the next update, the comic has finally looped back around to the Goblins.

As many of you know, Goblins was written start to finish, years ago. So when I cut away from the GAP (Goblin Adventuring Party), I knew it was going to take a very long time before we’d get back to them. I prepared myself for a lot of “Um… I thought this comic was called Goblins. Where are the goblins?” and boy, the internet didn’t disappoint!

After being away from the GAP for so long, it’s hard to remember just what the heck was going on last time we saw them. So what I’ve done is piece together a short reminder. Or you can click here to go read that actual part of the comic.

I’m so incredibly excited to be reaching this part of the story. Some amazing moments that I’ve been waiting almost a decade to reach, are about to happen. So to everyone who’s become a part of this… the casual readers, the hardcore fans, the new readers and the veterans…

This is going to be awesome.

As always, thanks for reading.